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Role Playing Activities

You can add a little flair to reading time by role playing your favorite stories with your children. Here are a few ideas:

1. Use different voices for different characters while reading. For example, in The Three Bears, use a "deep, gruff voice" for Papa bear, a "high, sweet voice" for Mama bear, and a "wee, little voice" for Baby bear.

2. Make a roller box. Have your kids draw some illustrations, then watch the roller box "movie" as you read the story or as your child narrates it. (Older children can read the story themselves.)

3. Put on a play. You and your child can choose which characters to play. Dress up or use puppets or paper dolls. Let you child tell the story and follow their lead. (You can print our family finger puppets here.)

4. Make a "book on tape". Let your child help you choose the sound to tell them when to turn the page. Record the story as you read it, encouraging your children to add sound effects at appropriate times. (Please remember that the tape is a supplement to your regular reading time, NOT a replacement of it. Although it is fun for the kids to listen to a tape they helped create, it is still more important for YOU to spend time reading with your kids.)

Role playing activities help children to understand relationships between characters, bring the story to life, and expand their imagination.

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