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Holiday Activities

Holiday activities can reinforce reading skills in a fun and enjoyable way. When planning parties for school classes, kids' parties, or simply a family night at home, you may want to use games or activities that include reading or writing. Consider the reading level of the children and plan according to their abilities.

As most parents know, kids really enjoy looking forward to holidays. Anytime the word "party" arises in conversation, their ears are tuned in immediately. Kids enjoy the festivities of just about any holiday. Take advantage of that enthusiasm to encourage fun and educational activities.

We have printable activities for the following holidays:

When children begin to realize how much enjoyment can be gained by developing reading skills, their desire to read more efficiently will increase. Seasonal reading activities can help them become more excited about reading.

Many of our holiday pages include coloring pages. For your convenience, all of our holiday coloring pages can be found here: All Holiday Coloring Pages.

In addition to holiday-related activities, your children may also enjoy activities from our Reading Games and Reading Activities pages.

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