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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a wonderful holiday. It is a time for children of all ages to show love and appreciation for their mothers (and to be absolutely honest, most of us do not do that often enough). It should also be time for mothers to relax and remember all the joys of motherhood.

Kids can help their moms have a great Mother's Day by doing things that remind them about all of the true pleasures that come with being a mother. Ask any mother about their favorite gifts and they will tell you they were not the gifts from the store that mattered the most, but the honest gifts of the heart (like the nicely painted school projects and plastered hand prints).

One of the nicest things you can do for your mom is to let her know how much you appreciate her. (And be sincere.) Think about all the wonderful things your mother does for you, and spend some time making a card or writing a thank you note for her. Make your own card with paper and crayons, or feel free to print out our prepared card. We have a couple different thank you notes as well as a printable Mother's Day card - just print them out and fold (these are quarter-fold cards). We also have Mother's Day stationery to write your own note. Don't forget to add your personalized message! And if you're feeling a little crafty, try making a tissue paper flower for your mom!

When we were children, it was common to make Mother's Day Coupons at school or just for fun (okay, we were a little weird). It is good fun for the kids, but how many parents really redeem those coupons? (I personally can't remember any!!)

Instead of the "traditional" Mother's Day Coupons, we have created the Mother's Day Contract. These are similar to the coupons, but instead of "redeeming" at will, the contract states what services are promised.

We have included ready-made contracts:

and blank ones for your creative children to fill out:

(Here are a few suggestions: vacuuming, feeding the pet, or emptying the garbage. And don't forget the traditional hugs and kisses!!)

To "wrap" your contracts, we suggest rolling them up like scrolls and tying a pretty ribbon around them.

For your enjoyment, we have these fun Mother's Day reading activities:

(Fill-ins look like a crossword puzzle, however, you are already provided the words. The words are listed by how many letters are in them. You must figure out what word belongs where by the number of letters in the word and the other words you have "filled-in".)

Give your kids a chance to write a Mother's Day "Add-an-Adjective" story. Have them read the story through first, then create a loving atmosphere by adding their own adjectives. By writing a different adjective in each of the blanks, they can create a fun, sweet story. Challenge them to use a unique adjective for each space.

Your children may also enjoy an adorable Mother's Day coloring page:

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