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Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a great educational tool. It is an activity every child loves, (at least I don't know of a child who doesn't enjoy it.) Coloring can be done with a variety of mediums. There is the always handy crayon, but it is always fun to experiment with chalks and paints, pen and ink, colored pencil, the list goes on and on.

Coloring helps children learn color and color combinations. It is so exciting to see children grasp concepts like yellow and blue make green and blue and red make purple, so on and so forth. I remember mixing my own colors with paint when I was growing up-it does seem I ended up with a grayish-brown hue frequently, but half the fun is experimenting.

Coloring also helps with hand-eye coordination. Learning to color within the lines can sometimes be a slow process, but it is fascinating to watch children develop those skills to the point where they become frustrated when they go outside the lines.

Hand-eye coordination is an important skill for learning to write. When a child moves the crayon, they can see the direct result of the physical movement of their hand. They begin to realize they have control of their actions and they become more aware of the results of those actions. This helps to develop the ability to form letters correctly.

Hand-eye coordination is important not only for coloring, drawing, and sculpting, but comes in handy with sports and playing music and even mundane activities like typing.

Coloring helps children develop patience and can help them learn the importance of finishing projects that they start. It also helps them to gain an appreciation for accomplishing a goal.

Because we believe that it is important for children to develop these skills, we have provided free printable coloring pages for learning enjoyment.

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