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Valentine's Day Activities

Please come see our newly remodeled site! All of our newest activities will be available there!

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Valentine's Day is a great holiday for fun and educational activities. Kids of all ages enjoy the excitement and suspense involved with giving and receiving valentines.

Printable Valentines

You can start with valentines to pass out to friends or classmates. For your convenience, we have FREE printable Valentine's here:

Printable Valentine Set 1 Printable Valentine Set 2 Printable Valentine Set 3
Printable Valentine's Set 1 Printable Valentine's Set 2 Printable Valentine's Set 3

Each set contains four Valentine's. Set 2 includes a Pirate Valentine and a Princess Valentine, as well as two others. Set 3 includes an Adventurer Valentine, as well as three others.

Allow your kids to choose valentines appropriate for each classmate or friend. Encourage them to write each child's name on the chosen valentine. Writing out these names is especially helpful for younger readers, and even preschool children enjoy having the responsibility of individualizing the valentines, even if they are not yet able to form letters properly.

Personalized Letter Art by Reading-with-Kids.com


February Reading Club Calendar

For a full month of fun activities, print out our February reading calendar, which includes several of our Valentine's Day ideas as well as some other reading assignments -- one for each day. This is a great way to add variety to your child's reading time.

February Reading Calendar


Valentine's Bingo

For Valentine's Day parties, you may want to play Valentine's Bingo. This printable version has many phrases you will find on conversation hearts, as well as general Valentine's related words.

Set 1 includes calling cards as well as bingo cards. Sets 2, 3, and 4 include additional bingo cards.

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4

Valentine's Quote Puzzle

Your kids may enjoy deciphering this quote about love. The letters in each column fit into the corresponding boxes above. Once the letters are correctly placed, you can read the decoded message.
Valentine Quote Puzzle

Valentine's "Just Draw It" Game

Valentine Just Draw It Game Clues Valentine's "Just Draw It" is another great game for Valentine's parties. For this drawing game (similar to Pictionary), we have printable clue cards. There are 24 clues varying from easy to hard. We also have printable card backs to print on the other side. 
Valentine's Drawing Game Clues
Valentine's Drawing Game Card Backs
Valentine Card Backs




Valentine's Activities

Your children may enjoy the following Valentine's activities. We have a word search, a dot-to-dot, and a color by letter coloring page, as well as some Valentine's Coloring Pages: 

Valentine Word Search Valentine Dot to Dot Valentine Dot to Dot Valentine Color By Letter


Valentine's Coloring Pages

Valentine Cookie Coloring Page Valentine Heart Coloring Page Valentine Cupid Coloring Page Valentine Flowers Coloring Page Valentine Balloons Coloring Page
Adventurer Boy Valentine Coloring Page Valentine Heart Coloring Page Valentine Teddy Bear Coloring Page



The Little Princess by Lori Snider
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Nighttime Adventures:Counting Sheep by Michelle L. Rock

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If you enjoy our activities, please support our site by visiting our Mystic Arts Books Page. Your purchase will help us continue to provide these activities.

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