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Snowmen at Night

by Caralyn Buehner, illustrated by Mark Buehner

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Snowmen at Night is a rare find. I finally came upon it after spending an hour at the bookstore and reading through many stories. The first thing that struck me was the wonderful illustrations. Each snowman has a unique look and "personality". This book is really well written and so much fun.

Snowmen at Night explains why snowmen look a little run down the day after they are made. This is not a science project, it is a fun story about snowmen leaving the yard and heading to the park for a little adventure before returning the next morning. (I always wondered what happened to them - I would be exhausted too!!)

As well as a great story, the illustrations are fabulous! It is hard to turn the page as there is so much to look at and see. (Not just for the adults either.) Each page has a hidden image of a cat, Santa face, dinosaur, and rabbit. Kids (of all ages) spend a lot of time analyzing the pages for these hidden pictures. (Some are a lot easier to find than others.)

Not only are the hidden pictures a very fun feature, but the illustrations would be enough to entertain you for hours. As mentioned above, each snowman has their own "persona". My favorite is the sheriff. He comes equipped with his own badge and cowboy hat.

The activities the snowmen play include baseball with broomsticks as bats and oven "mitts", sledding, ice skating, and my favorite--the snowball fight. The snowmen have very expressive faces, and when they are finished for the night, they truly look exhausted.

Snowmen at Night is "well worth owning."



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