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Please come see our newly remodeled site! All of our newest activities will be available there!

Halloween New Design
Halloween Reading-with-Kids.com

As with most children, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It is a time to tell scary stories, dress in scary costumes, and put out scary decorations. In general, it is a time to scare yourself and everyone else to death.


October Reading Calendar


You can start with a daily reading calendar for the month of October. On it, you will find several activities from our own site, as well as other fun reading activities -- one for each day of the month. (See our page about our Reading Calendars.)

October Reading Calendar


Halloween Reads

Your kids may also enjoy getting into the spirit with a few spooky (but not TOO scary) stories. We have book reviews for several children's favorites.

The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree by Stan and Jan Berenstain Dragon Slayers' Academy The New Kid At School by Kate Mcmullan, illustrated by Bill Basso Get Well, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas, illustrated by Jennifer Pleca book review The Hairy Toe illustrated by Daniel Postgate My Monster Mama Loves Me So by Laura Leuck and illustrated by Mark Buehner


You can take advantage of the festive atmosphere by including fun reading activities related to the holiday. Our "SPOOKY" Bingo game encourages reading several holiday-related words. The first set of "SPOOKY" Bingo cards includes Bingo cards as well as the calling cards. The remaining sets have additional Bingo cards.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Halloween Bingo

Haunt Your Neighbors

Weve Been Booed Ghost Weve Been Booed Ghost

The Halloween holiday season wouldn't be complete without being "booed" (at least that is true in my neighborhood). So print your ghost here, take some treats to some neighbors, and watch as your neighborhood is haunted! Let your kids write messages to really enforce their writing abilities, but don't give too much away, you don't want your neighbors guessing who brought the treats!

Halloween Silly Sentences

The Mixed-Up Halloween Party

If you are looking for a fun, festive game, your kids may enjoy "Halloween Silly Sentences - The Mixed Up Halloween Party." This is a great game for a single child or a class full of children. (See our "Silly Sentences" page to learn about the game.)

Halloween Printables

Your kids may also enjoy some other Halloween activities. We have a word search. These are particularly helpful for children to practice spelling because the kids need to be careful to find all the correct letters in the correct order. Our word search contains many Halloween-related words. Give your kids a chance to write a Halloween "Add-an-Adjective" story. Have them read this story through first, then they can create a Halloween atmosphere by adding their own adjectives. By writing a different adjective in each of the blanks, they can create a fun, spooky story. Encourage them not to use any adjective more than once. After they fill in each of the blanks in the story, they can give it an appropriate title. We also have Halloween stationery. Your kids may enjoy writing a letter or a story on this fun paper.

Halloween Word Search Halloween Add-n-Adjective Story Halloween Witch Stationery Fall Leaves coloring page

Please come see our newly remodeled site! All of our newest activities will be available there!

Halloween New Design
Halloween Reading-with-Kis.com

Coloring provides many advantages for beginning readers and writers (see our page about coloring ). We have included several festive coloring pages for your children to enjoy:

Halloween Witch coloring page Halloween Witch coloring page Halloween Jack-o-lantern coloring page Halloween trick or treat coloring page Hero Coloring Page
Halloween Frankenstein coloring page Princess coloring page Vampire coloring page Halloween mummy coloring page Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater coloring page
Haunted House coloring page Halloween Wolfman Werewolf coloring page Halloween Bride of Frankenstein coloring page Cowboy Coloring Page Ninja Coloring Page
Invisible Man Coloring Page Skeleton Coloring Page Skull and Crossbones Coloring Page Pirate Coloring Page Zombie coloring page
Grim Reaper Coloring Page Non-stereotypical Princess Coloring Page Supergirl Coloring Page Space Alien Coloring Page Halloween Bat Coloring Page

In addition to our traditional coloring pages, we also have a color by letter coloring page. Similar to a color by number, this page indicates the color for each space by letters. The colors are listed at the bottom of the page.


Halloween Color By Letter Witch coloring page Halloween Color By Letter Jack-o-Lantern coloring page Halloween Color By Letter Frankenstein coloring page Halloween Color By Letter Witch coloring page

Check out our other color by number pages here.


You may also want to see our fantasy coloring pages:

Fantasy Coloring Pages

Fantasy Coloring Pages


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